Macrocosmic Marvels, Musical Monologues

Where Are the Bones?

Where have they taken the bones of our ancestors?
Why have they silenced the wisdom of our grandmothers?
Why have we parted from sisters and brothers?
How will we sustain ourselves, our children and the others?

Shouting questions into the dark
Returning echoes miss the mark
Then and now are contrasts stark
Beasts circling, we grasp for a spark

Where are the voices of our ancestors?
Where are the stories of our grandmothers?
How shall I know my sisters and brothers?
How can we feed the hunger of our children and the others?

The hour is late and the road is long
Counting time in chant and song
We seek a home where we belong
Together we can be strong

Can you hear the ancestors?
They sent it down through our grandmothers
Stories shared with sisters and brothers
Hold them tight, lift up our children and the others

I hear their voices in the wind
They call us to begin again
Arm in arm, hand in hand
Divided we fall, together we stand

February 15,2020
Edited April 12, 2020


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