Memoir, Musical Monologues

Restless Love

Poetry fragments
Flowing freely
Flickering flash flood

Fanciful Fae sent
Glimpsing the Unseely
Pages paid in blood

Word swords rent
Elven armored feelings
Missives mangling moods

Raging river torrents
Leave hearts reeling
Crying to the moon

For rose petaled scents
Wistful waxen sealing
Sacred scripted runes

Hinting love’s intent
Once and future revealing
Restless spirit swoons

Manderley Swain

Memoir, Musical Monologues


My skin remembers your touch

Tracing the path across my collar bone 

And down to my heart

My neck remembers your lips

And the whisper of your kiss

My lips remember playing tag with yours

Catching you with my teeth

My breath remembers catching

My heart in my throat

My eyes remember gazing out

At the gray green waves

Adrift in your own

January 27, 2020

Manderley Swain

“Blodeuwedd” watercolor by Manderley Swain
Memoir, Menagerie, Musical Monologues

Pale Flower

I once knew a pale flower
She flew away upon the wind
Spring storms her petals did rescind
Retreated she unto her bower

Another season lay she dormant
Hidden and warm beneath the grass
Unseen by all souls who pass’d
Counting days in reverent silence

I once knew a pale flower
She flew away upon the wind
On her return my heart doth mend
Our friendship lights my darkest hour

Manderley Swain
April 12, 2021

Musical Monologues


Field of Starlight, Watercolor by Manderley Swain

Take off your masks
Tell me your secrets
Show me your dreams

Shed your disguise
Be who you are
At ease in your skin
Look into my eyes
Take my hand
And come home

You’ve only to ask
This is no test
I love you
And all that you bring

There’s nothing you need to buy
You need not give me the stars
I’d rather have the world within
Let me look into your eyes
Give me your hand
I am home

Manderley Swain

Musical Monologues

The Unrequited Quiet

In the unrequited quiet
We lay restless beneath
The star sprinkled blanket
Unspoken desires retreat
Gasps of withheld breath
No whisper of release

In the unrequited quiet
So near yet so far apart
Deafening edgy silence
Discordant harmonic hearts
Resonating passion of poets
Bittersweet chaotic art

Manderley Swain

Musical Monologues

The Doe’s Plight

Oh sweet, steadfast Hart
Turns tossed in silent night
Verging on skittish, flittish throws
Of mindless, mercuric flight
Accursed shadows of ancient woe
Obscure her crystalline sight
Moonsongs and merciful stars
Shine hope–however slight–
Around these her course enfolds
Till moored in morning’s light

Manderley Swain, January 8, 2020